Christian Retreats and Events at Tuscarora 

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February 27 - March 1                     

Speaker: Lisa Whittle

  • Speaking Jesus
  • Seeking Truth  
  • Sharing Stories             
  • Starting Conversations

Weekend Theme: "I Want God" (based off of Lisa's new book)

Lisa Whittle speaks to the hearts of women across the country with her bold words and passionate writing.

We hope to provide you with a weekend of spiritual enrichment, relaxation and inspiration with our

  • Encouraging speakers
  • Practical & Creative Workshops
  • Delicious Cooking Demo
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Relaxing environment

The retreat begins with a buffet supper on Friday and concludes with a brunch on Sunday.

Prices range from $133 - $245 per person.

Registration Letter

Tentative Schedule

Register online or by calling our office at 800-500-8872.




March 13 - 15                                

Speakers:  Pastor Pete & Patti Shambrook

As pastor and therapist, Pete & Patti come in contact with couples that are living with anger and hopelessness.  Because of this, they are passionate about seeing marriages break the damaging cycle of emotional disconnection. 

Devote time this spring to encounter God and His thoughts of marriage through a weekend of teaching and restoration. 

This retreat is for all couples in all stages and phases of life.

The weekend will include worship, general sessions, a Saturday banquet, optional couples’ massages and plenty of time for you and your spouse.

The retreat begins with an optional buffet on Friday and ends with a midday dinner on Sunday.

Prices range from $375 - $476 per couple.

Register online or by calling our office at 800-500-8872.




May 8 - 10                         

Speaker:  Sharon Glasgow


Happy Mother’s Day!

This weekend is a special time to show yourself and other ladies in your life the beauty of being a mother or a woman in the eyes of God.  Use this peaceful get-away, designed for Mothers with daughters of all ages, close friends or spiritual mentors, as a way to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Sharon Glasgow uses her experience as a nutritionist, writer, speaker, gardener, day-to-day mother, wife and a passionate follower of Christ to speak into the lives of every age-group of women.  Being involved for 20 years in ministries shows her dedication to share God’s heart and move audiences into living and maintaining a healthy body and soul.

The retreat will include 3 general sessions, creative and informative electives and evening activities.  The weekend begins with a buffet supper on Friday evening and ends with breakfast in your room on Sunday morning, giving you plenty of time to get home and continue your Mother’s Day celebration.

Prices range from $173 - $225 per adult.  Children & Teens pay a percentage of the adult price.  (0 - 5 years - FREE, 6 - 12 years - 50%, 13 - 18 years - 75%  

Register online or by calling our office at 800-500-8872. 



May 12 - 14                         

Speaker:  Dr. Craig Jennings

Enjoy a few days away designed for those 55 years and older. 

From history major to pastor, Dr. Craig Jennings has served with and spoken to many in the mission field.  With a B.A. in history from Bob Jones University, Dr. Jennings has helped write and edit Christian textbooks, in addition to many other academic achievements.  He has served Christ as a pastor, professor, teacher and husband for 35 years and is a father of three. 

The retreat begins with lunch on Tuesday and ends after lunch on Thursday.  On Wednesday we will be celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day with special foods, desserts and programs.

Prices range from $172 - $218 per person

Register online or by calling our office at 800-500-8872. 



May 22 - 25                         

Speaker:  Pastor Herman Otten                    

This kick-off-to-summer weekend will include worship and teaching for all ages, childcare, evening events, tournaments, pool & river activities and a Memorial Day flag raising ceremony.

Herman Otten has a strong academic background including a Master in Sacred Theology from Concordia Seminary.  Using this knowledge, he has pastored the Trinity Lutheran Church of New Haven, MO for the last 56 years and been Editor for Christian News for 52 years.  His years as a student, lecturer, pastor, editor, father and husband have been used to teach God's Word to those who need it and make God's name known across the US.

Morning Bible Hour Speaker - Wil Stelzer

Sunday Morning Worship Service Speaker - Rev. Ron Stelzer

The programming for Confirmands and Youth will be led by Rev. Matt Gonzalez (Trinity Lutheran in the Bronx).

Join the many other families that 'beat the holiday traffic' and arrive Thursday.  The cost is $84 per room (2 people) + $5 each additional person and includes Thursday lodging, Friday breakfast and buffet dinner.

  • Teens in rooms with parents or in the dorms pay the dorm rate - $195.28
  • Teen chaperones receive a 50% discount for every 5 youth they bring.
  • Pastors and their families receive a 35% discount when the pastor is registered for the entire weekend.

The weekend begins with an optional buffet dinner on Friday and ends after lunch on Monday. 

Prices range from $225 - $305 per adult.

Register online or by calling our office at 800-500-8872. 


50% DISCOUNT                                                                                      (For first time families - those who have never attended Leisure Week 1 or 2 before)

Are you ready to leave the hassle of cooking and cleaning behind for a week?  Start a new family tradition Tuscarora style!  Unwind and allow our staff to serve you as you enjoy activities for every age, child care, fun on the river, relaxation by the pool, tournaments, amazing meals, evening activities and great Bible teaching. 

"I always enjoy seeing friendly faces.  It is a great time to catch up with friends and family.  I think that the staff does an excellent job!  My family looks forward to this vacation each year"    ~ 2014 Leisure Week Attendee

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (copy of 2014) - Details will change for 2015 but this is just to give you an idea of the activities and flow for the week.  Leisure Week 1 has one morning session and Leisure Week 2 has a morning and evening session.


Leisure Week 1: July 11 - 17                  Speaker:  Pastor David Foss, Lead Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Brethren, Fergus Falls, MN






Leisure Week 2: July 25 - 31                  Speaker:  Pastor Bill Mummert, Senior Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Gettysburg, PA





Both weeks begin with supper on Saturday and conclude with breakfast on Friday.  Leisure Week 2 is co-sponsored by Tuscarora and LEM East.

  • Children in rooms with parents pay a percentage of the adult rate.  Children 5 and yonger are free when both parents attend the entire week (half price if only one parent attends).
  • Youth who attend Jr. Week or Teen Week are free for Leisure Week when both parents attend the entire Leisure Week (half price if only one parent attends).
  • The maximum rate a family (in one room) will pay is 3 adult rates.  This pertains to immediate family member only.  Any other relatives or friends staying in the room pay the full rate.
  • The $30 per person programming fee applies to each person regardless of discounts or age.

Prices range from $361 - $541 per adult.

Register by calling our office at 800-500-8872.  Online registration will be available soon.

  1. Junior Week: July 5 -11                                             Speaker:  Pastor Jason Lang                                                            For more details or to register, visit "Our Events" - Summer Youth Camps
  1. Teen Week: July 19 - 25                                                Speaker:  Jeremy Kingsley                                                               For more details or to register, visit "Our Events" - Summer Youth Camp



  • Men's Retreat:  October 2 - 4, 2015
  • Fall Midweek Retreat:  October 13 - 15, 2015
  • Fall Women's Retreat:  November 6 - 8, 2015                                (Co-sponsored with CLB Women's Ministries)
  • Christmas Weekend:  December 11 - 13, 2015
  • Singles' Retreat:  December 31 - January 3, 2016