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3300 River Road
Mount Bethel, PA 18343

(570) 897-6000

Christian retreat center for New Jersey and Pennsylvania marriage retreat, singles retreat, women's retreat and youth summer camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.

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Your Gift Is Valuable!

"To God be the Glory" 

We are grateful for the generous gifts, faithful prayers and the enthusiastic volunteers who help us in ministry.  Scroll down to see the ways you can support us!


The Nehemiah Endowment

Just as the biblical hero, Nehemiah trusted God to rebuild the Jerusalem wall, we are trusting God for a $5 million endowment.

The Nehemiah Endowment Fund will be built through estate planning, legacy gifts and cash donations.  The principal is invested in perpetuity while the income generated will be used to support projects not able to be funded through operating income.  

While we still need your support to fund important and necessary projects today.  The Nehemiah Endowment has been established to provide for the needs of tomorrow.


Capital Restoration Projects

- Redesign Previous Laurel Longhouse and Main Patio Site:  The removal of the 95 foot red oak tree on the patio and the demolition of the Laurel Longhouse have left us with a “blank canvas” outside of the Dining Room.  A landscaping architectural plan is being developed to include planting, sidewalks, a new patio, seasonal cooking and covered seating areas. Estimated costs:  $100,000

- Renovation of the Olav B. Olsen Multi-Purpose Building:  The Gym is showing its age and very much needs to be restored.  Phase I begins with new bathrooms and repairing and painting the walls and ceiling.  Phase I estimated costs remaining $35,000.  Phase II will replace the floor and stage areas. Phase II anticipated costs $100,000

In addition to the above items we also intend to renovate the cottage bathrooms and redecorate/refurbish all of the rooms in the Riverside Manor as operational income allows.  Estimated costs:  $4,000 per room


Per Rune Larsen Scholarship Fund

Per Rune Larsen was a remarkable young man who attended Junior and Teen Weeks and became a camp counselor here at Tuscarora Inn. His passion for Jesus, depth of faith and love for the ministry of Tuscarora was contagious.  His young life was cut short following a courageous battle with cancer.  To honor the God he loved and served, his friends and family established a Scholarship Fund to bring kids to camp who may not otherwise have the financial ability to do so. This scholarship is for 25 or 50% of the cost of attending camp. 

For those who want to honor the memory of Per Rune Larsen, or would simply like to make the opportunity for others to attend Junior or Teen Week, we invite you to donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Gifts have also been given in memory of Bruce A. Miller III


Friends of Tuscarora

When you become a Friend of Tuscarora, you join a special group of dedicated supporters who commit to pray for and/or give financially to the ministry of Tuscarora.  Your partnership will repair, improve, and sustain the facilities for the thousands of individuals and families seeking a place to deepen their faith in Jesus and connect with others at Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center.

After more than four decades of ministry, we have reached a time where restoring and maintaining facilities and grounds costs more than our operating revenue can sustain.  This new monthly giving program will ensure that our Christian Conference Center remains for the decades of ministry ahead.

Friends of Tuscarora provide much needed:

  • Prayer support for ongoing ministry needs of guests, staff, programs, and facilities.
  • Steady and consistent financial support for facility restoration and repair
  • Funding for infrastructure upgrades needed today
  • Subsidies to offset the need to significantly increase rates

Friends of Tuscarora will receive updates on how you can pray for this ministry and how your support is being used to further the work God will do at Tuscarora for generations to come.



Thrivent members can direct Choice Dollars and Actions Teams to provide much-needed funding for capital improvement projects.  If you are a Thrivent member, contact your representative to learn how or call our office for more information on how Thrivent charitable giving funds make and impact at Tuscarora!   Click below to learn more! 


End of the Year Appeal

As we close another year of life-transforming ministry, we want to thank you for helping to bring "good news and great joy" to thousands who come each year to this very special place. In the coming years ahead, our vision is for God to use this ministry to impact lives with the hope that faith in Jesus brings. We can only do this with your generous and faithful support. 

Read more about how your gifts can impact Tuscarora in the upcoming year as we prepare to restore and redesign significant portions of the campus. 


In Memory of Hayley Midland Filippini

September 11, 1998 - December 9, 2016

You couldn't know Hayley and not know her smile, her sense of humor, and her incredible love of Jesus. Hayley is a testament to all of us - she lived out her faith and was unashamed of her love for God. Eighteen years of love, of humility, of a living a life that was an example to everyone she crossed paths with. You learned how to be a better person, a stronger believer, and a lover of Jesus during time spent with her. We know she's dancing in heaven now - she is healed, whole, and pain free in her new body. We'll pick up and carry on for you, we'll run this race for you Hayley, and we'll share the love of Jesus with everyone who comes to Tuscarora just like you did.

Your gift, in memory of Haley, will be used to further the ministry of Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center that she loved so much. While Haley is now in heaven, her love for life and joy in sharing faith in Jesus lives on. 


Where Needed Most

At this time, donations are considered "needed most" for various improvement projects to Conference Center facilities.  Thank you for considering giving for this important effort in providing for the comfort of our guests, and freeing them to concentrate on their mission in coming to Tuscarora.