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Christian retreat center for New Jersey and Pennsylvania marriage retreat, singles retreat, women's retreat and youth summer camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.

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The Tuscarora Staff on Their Favorite Christmas Tradition



Traditions are an essential part of our lives. While we move into the future and grow and change, traditions are a way for us to remember who we have been and where we came from. This week on Tales of Tuscarora, the Tuscarora staff wants to tell you about some of their favorite Christmas Traditions.

I like singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve. It’s a special moment holding a candle and knowing the light of the world has been born.
— Sara Pensyl, Program Manager
My Uncle Pete and Aunt Jo-Jo throw a giant Christmas Eve feast every year. His food is amazing, and a ton of family come over. We have all the Italian fish, things wrapped in bacon, prime rib, chicken Parmesan, and giant King crab legs.
— Paul DiQuattro, Operations Manager
There’s nothing as an adult that sticks out - but as a kid I loved the fact that we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve. I would look forward to it all day and all my friends would be jealous that I got my presents a day early.
— Scot Hansen, Conference Coordinator
In my house we don’t put baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Day. It was something we started with my kids that they still remember. When they purchased their own nativity scenes they made sure to buy ones with a Jesus they could place on Christmas Day. We also have a birthday cake for Jesus!
— Darci Hakvaag, Business Assistant
I still have a lot of the homemade ornaments that I made from when I was a kid - and I love hanging them on the tree each year. They look great displayed with my grandmother’s old nativity set.
— Karl Samuelson, Housekeeping Supervisor
Sleeping under the tree with all of my cousins on Christmas Eve.
— Danika Adderley, Program and Marketing Coordinator
It is the baking and decorating as a family. I’m very boring! My family is going to be baking Monday through Friday next week when my daughter comes home.
— Siv Daly, Registrar
There’s an old German tradition where you take a fake pickle and you hide it on the tree. The person who finds it the quickest gets an extra special gift. That’s my favorite Christmas tradition.
— Marc Pensyl, Maintenance
I’m trying to start the tradition of having my family wear matching pajamas the night before Christmas. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea - but I think it makes the day start in a fun and festive way!
— Lindsay Rosado, Manager of Ministry Advancement