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3300 River Road
Mount Bethel, PA 18343

(570) 897-6000

Christian retreat center for New Jersey and Pennsylvania marriage retreat, singles retreat, women's retreat and youth summer camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.

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6 Reasons to be Excited for Identify


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Tuscarora has great food, and there will be plenty of it this weekend. But in addition to Tuscarora classics, there will be some exciting culinary flairs to the menu. On Friday, during a kick-off pool party a food truck will be visiting for the evening! On Saturday, instead of a traditional lunch - get ready to enjoy Chick-fil-a!



Because the focus of every great Tuscarora program is coming together to draw closer to God - worship is a key component. We are lucky to be welcoming Craig Adderley to lead the worship for this brand new retreat. Craig is a frequent worship leader at Tuscarora retreats, but the best worship is lead by the spirit. And scripture promises us that when two or three gather, the Lord will be there.


For many of the guests, Identify will be like a grown up Winter Weekend or Teen Week. For many, the highlight of time spent at Tuscarora is games and competitions. This retreat won't be any different. On Saturday, compete with your friends in a dodge ball tournament - or work together to beat an Escape Room!

Erick Sorenson.jpg


Erick Sorensen, from Epiphany Lutheran Church and Hillside Lutheran Brethren Church, is excited to be at Identify as our speaker for this year's retreat. He is passionate about speaking to the young adult generation, and helping them to explore how they identify with the world, with their generation, and with Christ.


With the beautiful spring backdrop, Tuscarora is at it's most photogenis this time of year. Any photo of you and your friends with the new fun features this retreat will offer is sure to be the perfect addition to your feed. Make sure to use the hashtag #tuscyoungadults when your share your pictures!



We know why you're really excited to come to Identify. I mean, you're excited for the worshio and the speaker, but you're most excited about seeing your friends. That's okay! Memories are made at Tuscarora in late night chats, ice cream shared, and laughs in the dining room.

We're excited to see you and for this retreat to become a part of your story!