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3300 River Road
Mount Bethel, PA 18343

(570) 897-6000

Christian retreat center for New Jersey and Pennsylvania marriage retreat, singles retreat, women's retreat and youth summer camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.

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New Facilities, New Programs, New Initiatives


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What a wonderful time to be at Tuscarora! I truly hope you’ve been able to join us over the last year as we enjoyed a variety of programs, groups new and old, and guests ranging from children, to teens, to families, and everyone in between.

For the past 30 years on staff, whether I was washing dishes in the kitchen as a teenager or serving from the desk of Executive Director, the mission of Tuscarora has remained the same. We strive to provide a place for guests to experience true connection with God without distraction. We are blessed to hear story after story of life changing experiences that have taken place on these grounds and within these buildings.

However, much has changed over those years as well. As Tuscarora continuously strives to meet the needs of each guest you will see new things when you are here - new facilities, new programs, and new initiatives.

As guests are enjoying the Brick House apartment and its beautiful views, we have moved to working on the Brick House itself. Additionally, we have renovated the Inn Rooms into two suites – now the stunning river views can be enjoyed from the incredible interior of the room during the colder months! We continue to work hard to restore the existing buildings to provide the highest quality hospitality.

Entering the second year of two new Tuscarora programs, TUNDRA and a revamped Young Adults Retreat, we are invigorated to see the excitement of returning guests bringing new friends. There are a few projects I can’t share about just yet, but you’ll hear about in the months to come!

Join us for this exciting year ahead. Come away from the distractions of life and grow closer to God. Come and be reminded of why you love Tuscarora, and become excited about where the future will take us.

See you soon!