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3300 River Road
Mount Bethel, PA 18343

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Christian retreat center for New Jersey and Pennsylvania marriage retreat, singles retreat, women's retreat and youth summer camp in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania.

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Five Facts about Tuscarora's Summer Solstice Celebration



This summer, Tuscarora is excited to have a BRAND NEW event to add to our calendar. On June 23rd, we are holding a Summer Solstice Celebration! With any new program addition, you might wonder what to expect. We decided to help explain with 5 things we are planning for this great kick-off to summer!


As we were brainstorming a new way to kick off the summer season, we once again decided to lean on our Scandinavian heritage for inspiration. Norwegians celebrate "Sankhansaften" every year on June 23rd. This translates to "Saint John's Eve" and is meant to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist. This of course happens six month's before the birth of Christ, celebrated on December 25th.

This celebration can go by a few different names. "St. Hans," "Sank Hans Aften," "Jonsok," or "Midsummer's Eve." The activities of our Summer Solstice Celebration all pull from this cultural event.



The "official" start of our event is in the evening, but all of our Summer Solstice Celebration guests are invited to enjoy the summer weather on our grounds. Come swim in the pool, canoe down the Delaware River, or take your chances tubing behind the boat.

If you've never been to Tuscarora, this is a great chance to see all the enjoyment our campus allows!


One common thread for all the areas of Norway that celebrate the Summer Solstice is FOOD. And we love to fellowship around food at Tuscarora! Traditionally food served for the Summer Solstice would be simple and uncomplicated that can be prepared and enjoyed outside.

At Tuscarora, we are planning a pig roast dinner, accompanied by other barbecue favorites and open faced sandwiches!



When any Norwegian thinks about the Summer Solstice, they think about bonfires. Because the Summer Solstice is celebrating the longest day of the year, these bonfire will be lit in the evening and enjoyed well into the night.

In 2016, Norwegians even broke the record for the world's largest bonfire in the town of Alesund. Ours won't be that big, but we will be lighting a bonfire for our pig roast dinner, and will run various games and tournaments as we enjoy it.


As Christians, we often worship together in music. But there is something extra special about worshiping together, outside, around a fire. We will close our event with a special acoustic worship experience to help remind us that through each season, our God reigns, and the blessings of summer weather come from Him.